Decal 3inch x 2.5inch x 575 stamps

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Brand: Avery Fasson

Size : 3inch x 2.5inch x 575 stamps / Roll

Paper decal printing barcode label carton (shipping decal, carton sticker, palette).

1 stamp / row, stamp size 1inch x 5inch.

As heat transfer printing paper, this paper needs to be printed with specialized barcode inks such as Ribbon wax, premium wax, wax / resin, resin.

Application: Printing carton stamps, shipping stamps for logistics, forwarding, manufacturing ...


Processing and stamping in Vietnam by Gia Minh Pham Company Limited

Hotline: 0888-437-434


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The Label range of Gia Minh Pham offers you a compatible choice of all label printers from retail to industrial. All our Labels are manufactured with genuine quality materials, precision equipment and are regularly tested to make sure the products exceed your expectations.

We manufacture both heat transfer labels and direct thermal labels in different sizes, materials and applications. We strive to provide the highest quality products at the best support prices for you.

Label Decal provided by Gia Minh Pham for you:

Chosen specially from genuine quality.

Increased flexibility for all types of barcode label printers today.

The quality and size are standard, the right length and quantity of Label.

Best support price

Brand you can trust

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